Wednesday, December 4, 2020

A Christmas Playdate

Olivia started dance class in September.  I thought since she went to a small in home daycare that dance would be a great way to meet kids her age and also have a fun experience. Well, I was wrong.. at first anyway.

On her very 1st day of dance

At the dance studio, the parents are asked to leave the room and watch through a window so the kids are not distracted which I agree with 100%.  Olivia absolutely hated dance and wanted me in the room, she only wanted her Mommy!  She cried during every class for a month. As we began the second month I spoke with the teacher and she advised me that this was normal and that most children go through a "phase of separation". She said to stick it out another month and it would get better. At the time I was thinking to myself another month? How can I watch my child cry in a room with strangers for another month? 

During the first month of dance I met three other Moms. They could see my frustration and wanted to help. For that I was so thankful. One of the moms hosted a play date in October. Olivia had such a great time with the other three girls. After that, Olivia cried less and less until she finally stopped crying at class. She started interacting with her new friends at dance class. 

The 1st play date

I thought it was my turn to have a get together so on Monday night Olivia and I hosted a Christmas play date.  Only two of Olivia's little friends and their moms could come but we still had a great time. We had pizza, Christmas treats and the girls decorated stockings! We Moms enjoyed the time to visit and have a couple glasses of wine. Olivia loved to show off all her stuff and the girls loved to play with some different toys.

Straw Christmas Cup and Stocking under $5 each at Target! 

Olivia coloring! She did have a time-out for coloring on the table! FYI 

Alexa coloring her stocking! I didn't get one of Syd. She was to fascinated with all the different toys.

We brought the picnic table upstairs for the girls to sit at and eat their pizza.

Having fun rocking back and forth in the chair. Goofballs! 

Goodies for the Mama's to take home.

I am so glad I met these wonderful ladies and their daughters. It is fun to have times like these and glad I can call these girls my friends.  


  1. It's so great that you were able to connect with other moms during Olivia's dance class. And, I love the Christmas play date, what a fun idea! I may have to do something similar. I'll have to check and see if Target has any "boy" stockings. :)

  2. Very cute! Looks like you guys had lots of fun hanging out and doing holiday crafts!

  3. Very cute! Looks like you guys had lots of fun hanging out and doing holiday crafts!