Monday, November 18, 2020

My Weekend

This weekend I went on a day long shopping trip with Olivia's caregiver Angie.  She goes on this trip every year so I tagged along.  This trip was sponsored by Metro Community College and we all went via chartered bus.  I didn't know what to expect, all I knew is that we were going to the outlet mall in Kansas City.

Our first stop was Weston, Missouri. I had never heard of this little town, but I am so glad that I have now. As we ventured off the bus, Santa greeted us. What a nice introduction to the cute little shops and bars that Weston has to offer.  This is where McCormick Distilling Co. is located. Umm Tequila Rose anyone?  On another note, I would love to have a professional photographer take Olivia's pictures here. It is such a beautiful location with so much history.

Our 2nd stop was the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. We had four hours here so we ate lunch at the Classic Cup Cafe.  I loved the whole experience here. It was such a cute place with good food. After lunch I did a lot of shopping at H&M but I had to stand in line so long that I didn't get much shopping in at the Plaza after that.  

Our third and final stop was Legends Outlets, Kansas City. This is where I really went to town on shopping.  I was speed walking to and through each store trying to hit a lot of them.  And I did! 

Finally it was time to go home and we loaded the bus. We were treated to popcorn and water on the way home and watched the movie "The Christmas Shoes". This weekend really got me in the Holiday Spirit and I recommend these day trips to anyone! You can learn more about Metro Community College Day tours here.


  1. GAH! Your shopping trip was PERFECT! We absolutely LOVE Westin! There is the cutest, most fun little underground (literally, underground) pub that is awesome.
    The Plaza? My FAVORITE spot in all of KC! Legends? I used to live minutes from there! I'm so jealous of all your KC fun!!

  2. How cool! We will definitely need to make a stop to Weston. We love towns like this. I will check out the Metro tours. Thanks for sharing.