Monday, October 28, 2020

Traveling with a Toddler

I was a stressed out mama before our first vacation, but I feel like my planning and talking with other mothers before we left really helped with our travels. My carry-on was a backpack full of Olivia's necessities.  Here is a lineup of what I packed.

One- Boon Sippy Cup & Pacifier I know not everyone has an almost two year old with a pacifier, but I made sure I didn't break the bad habit before our trip. I have always heard it helps with the ears on a flight. I brought two sippy cups to make sure she was also drinking something during takeoff. 

Two - Melissa & Doug Baby Doll Bring one of your child's favorite toy. I read some articles saying to bring puzzles, coloring books, crayons etc; but I felt the space was to tight for these activities. 

Three - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse This is probably the only show Olivia will watch so it was essential that we bought the DVD. I recommend buying a DVD with a digital copy for easy download. 

Four - Extra Set of Clothes You never know when you might have a blow out and on a plane is the last place you want to have one. Thank goodness we didn't have to use them but I felt better having them along.  Also pack diapers and wipes.

Five - Apple iPad We needed something to play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on so we brought our iPad along. This was a lifesaver in the airport. Prior to our flight, I like most moms felt like the flight was the worst part when actually it is entertainment in the airport.  I purchased these Pottery Barn Kids Headphones at our local store right before we left for $16!  They worked great. Score for me! 

Six - Minky Blanket We love our blankie around here so we had to bring that. It gets cool on the plane so to keep your little one warm don't forget this.

Seven - Sesame Street Board Books Our house is filled with books, but these are some of Olivia's favorites. I brought these because Olivia had these memorized and they are very lightweight. Whenever she was starting to get fussy on the plane, I got these out and asked her where her nose, eyes, and toes were.

I also recommend:

Taking early flights. We took a 5:45 AM flight both ways and it worked out perfect. 

Get there early. Having a toddler is stress in itself. Be early and relax before the flight.

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  1. Our toddler carry on stuff looks so much like yours! Marcus is FINALLY starting to watch MMCH, so that will be loaded on our iPad (and probably phones) to keep him entertained.